ISLA isn't just a place—it's a vision, a dream, and a promise of a better way of life. Nestled along the pristine shores of Nicaragua, ISLA is more than just a community—it's a sanctuary for those who seek refuge from the chaos of the modern world such as high EMF exposure, digital toxicity, and stress, and embrace a simpler, more sustainable way of living. We like to say that the vision of ISLA is a first 'heaven on earth' embodied community.


The Idea of ISLA reflects the power of connection—to ourselves, to each other, and to the earth. Our vision is to create a community where individuals can live in harmony with nature, free from toxins, nurture their bodies and souls, and forge deep and meaningful connections with like-minded souls. From off-grid living and holistic wellness to sustainable development and conscious community building, ISLA embodies the values of freedom, authenticity, and connection that define the Gran Pacifica experience.


If you are considering relocating and looking for an alternative or alternative residence, something more aligned with your core values, you might seriously want to consider the 'Discover ISLA' tour and dip your toes (literally and figuratively) into the water to see how it would be to live there. We, at ECI DEVELOPMENT recognized the importance of building a community of this kind. One of the trademarks of our company is our pioneering spirit and ability to flow steadily in an ever-changing world.



What Is Low-EMF Living

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are everywhere in our tech-driven world. From cell phones to Wi-Fi, these invisible waves constantly surround us. Studies suggest that excessive EMF exposure can have negative effects on our well-being.

There are few low-EMF villages in the US and few, if any, in Central America. ECI has committed to developing an Innovative Sustainable Lifestyle Alternative (ISLA) neighborhood within Gran Pacifica Resort in Nicaragua. Gran Pacifica is an ideal location to develop a low-EMF zone because of its remote location.

Over the past 20 years, interest in Nicaragua and the ex-pat community has grown substantially. The low cost of living compared to neighboring countries, plus providing the same geographical benefits, has driven more and more people from all over the world to move to Nicaragua.



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